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Banking and Finance

Working with lenders and borrowers, we strive to get deals done efficiently and effectively.

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Corporate and Commercial

We work hard to deliver particular client focused outcomes designed to meet our clients’ needs.

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Our experienced conveyancing team is dedicated to looking after our clients throughout the settlement period.

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Criminal Law

We strive to make sure that your story is told and understood.

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Employment Law

Our team of experienced lawyers provide discreet, practical and strategic advice and representation.

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Family Law

Our family lawyers pride themselves on their empathetic, practical and efficient approach to resolving family law matters.

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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We strive to focus on issues which matter to our clients, enabling us to provide a strategic and pragmatic approach.

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Migration Law

Our migration team are dedicated to assisting clients achieve their goal of migration to Australia.

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Private Client Services

We work collaboratively with our clients’ other professional advisors to provide our clients with comprehensive and practical solutions.

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Property Law

Our experience and excellent negotiation skills allow our clients to obtain meaningful and commercially successful outcomes.


Equitas Lawyers share a passion for excellence


We are committed to bringing into every aspect of our work, legal and technical excellence.
Equitas lawyers focus on Honesty


Honesty is essential in building trust and trust is vital to fostering meaningful working relationships.
Equitas Lwwyers are flexible and adaptable


Through treating people with respect, we aim to build meaningful relationships.
Equitas Lawyers welcome collaboration and team-work


We face challenges with courage and always treat such challenges as opportunities for growth.
Equitas Lawyers welcome collaboration and team-work


We value and take responsibility for our work and our relationships with clients and colleagues.

Equitas Lawyers

Equitas Lawyers have been serving Perth and Western Australia with a wide range of legal services for over 20 years. We are a team of lawyers who are highly experienced in all areas of law. Since establishing our practice, we have created and maintained an excellent reputation as lawyers who are dedicated and committed to achieving the best outcome for our clients. Below is a summary of the legal services we offer:

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1. Personal injury, insurance and compensation law​

Equitas lawyers have your best interests in mind. As professional lawyers, we can guide and represent you in the legal process on matters related but not limited to work accidents, motor vehicle accidents, public liability, occupiers’ liability, disputes with insurers and general insurance claims. We offer a free consultation, discuss your injury claim and ensure your compensation entitlements are respected.​

2. Family law​

Equitas lawyers have an in-depth understanding as well as specialised knowledge and experience in family law. We work by encouraging settlements rather than arguments; and where possible, achieve solutions on family law matters without proceeding to court. However, where need arises, we guide our clients through the court process in the attempt to settle issues such as property settlement, child support, spousal maintenance, de-facto relationships, divorce, custody and restraining orders disputes. ​

3. Wills and property disputes​

Our dedicated team of lawyers can help in addressing your property dispute concerns, assessing the situation at hand and coming up with a fair, workable solution. We offer our clients professional advice on the legal options available and, if necessary, represent them in court proceedings to ensure that the entitlements for all affected beneficiaries are met. We also help our clients in preparation of wills to avoid future disputes.

4. Criminal law​

Our expert criminal lawyers have many years of experience in handling criminal offenses such as theft, robbery, domestic assault, rape and murder among others. Being charged with a crime is not the same as being guilty of it in a court of law. We do our best to make sure that your side of the story is heard and do everything we can to make sure that our clients avoid jail time or large financial penalties. ​

5. Employment law

Employment law is a complex and constantly evolving area of law. If you’re experiencing a dispute in your workplace’, it’s important for you to understand the relevant area of law. Our experienced employment lawyers can guide you through the relevant legislation. Our employment lawyers help employers and employees settle workplace issues relating to employee agreements, unfair contract, unfair dismissal, harassment claims, and anti-discrimination. We offer advice that help our clients establish and maintain positive employment relationships. ​

6. Litigation and dispute resolution​

Equitas lawyers have a track record of achieving successful outcomes in matters of litigation and dispute resolution. Whether the issue involves two parties or large groups, we apply our extensive knowledge and expertise to achieve the best results for our clients. We offer litigation advice in areas such as insurance, debt recovery, trade practices, liquidations, insolvency and contract agreements. We identify and use the most effective conflict resolution strategy based on the situation; whether negotiation, mediation, litigation or arbitration. ​

7. Corporate law​

Our corporate lawyers can efficiently handle legal matters of both small business and large corporate organisations relating to banking, compliance, finance, securities and more. Throughout our history, we have maintained strong relationships with building societies, major banks, and financial institutions in Australia. We advise both private, public and commercial clients in matters related to trust deeds, development approvals construction agreements, purchase and pre-sale contracts.

Our dedicated business lawyers can also help corporate organisations structure financial packages and prepare security documents. ​

Contact us today for a free initial consultation to discuss your legal matter with us.

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