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Public Interest Criterion 4020 (PIC 4020) – The Integrity PIC

Almost all Australian visa applications are now subject to Public Interest Criterion 4020 (PIC 4020), known as the ‘Integrity PIC’. The intention of PIC 4020 is to strengthen the integrity of the Australian migration system and dissuade applicants from committing identity fraud or providing bogus documents or false and misleading information in relation to their […]

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Check in to Equitas Lawyers via Facebook to receive a FREE 30 minute consultation or 30 minutes FREE legal advice with one of our lawyers or migration agents. *Conditions apply

*Conditions 1. Where more than one person checks in but Equitas Lawyers believes  the subject matter of the consultation or legal advice is related or the clients are related in some manner, only one free 30 minute consultation or one 30 minutes of free legal advice will apply to that matter or those clients. 2. […]

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Justice Delayed is Justice Denied, Except When … Resolving Payment Claims in Construction Contracts

Every day in Australia individuals and businesses enter into contracts, whether oral or written, for building and construction work. Many of these contracts result in disputes about payment. These payment disputes put business owners and businesses under financial and emotional pressure that distracts the disputing parties from focusing on their core business. Rather than having […]

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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Before signing or performing a contract Benjamin Franklin’s words apply to commercial arrangements as well as to health. Costly and time consuming commercial disputes can be avoided by: Putting the terms of your agreement in writing before you perform the contract Getting independent legal advice on your rights and obligations under the contract and on whether […]

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Demystifying Testamentary Trusts

It is important to regularly update your will as your personal and family circumstances change over the years.  For example, when you get married, have children, buy or build a house or take out life insurance.  If you don’t update your will, one risk which you may face is that after death, your property may […]

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