Fees and Charges

Fixed Fees

If your matter is sufficiently simple we offer our services on a fixed price basis as listed below.

If your matter is not sufficiently simple we will advise you and provide you with an appropriate cost estimate.

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Equitas Lawyers fees and charges

Debt Recovery

Simple Notice of Demand (Payment Dispute)
$750 plus GST
Simple Notice of Demand (Commercial Landlord Dispute)
$700 plus GST
Issuing a Statutory Demand (no genuine dispute about the debt)
$1,100 plus GST

For assistance in debt recovery, please contact us.

Magistrates Court General Procedure Claim

Plaintiff – Instituting a Magistrates Court General Procedure Claim

  • Drafting and filing the claim
$925 plus GST
(Exclusive of filing fee)
  • If the defendant files a Notice of Intention to Defend the claim, preparation for and attendance at a pre-trial conference
$1,800 plus GST
  • If the defendant ignores the claim, making an application for default judgment.  This applies to a liquidated amount only.
$350 plus GST

Defendant – Defending a Magistrates Court General Procedure Claim

  • Considering and advising on the claim and filing a Notice of Intention to Defend the claim or a Notice of Admission of Claim
$900 plus GST
  • If a Notice of Intention to Defend the claim is filed, preparation for and attendance at a pre-trial conference
$1,800 plus GST

For assistance with a Magistrates Court claim, please contact us.

Bank Guarantee/Reverse Mortgage Advice

Bank Guarantee/Reverse Mortgage Advice
$600 plus GST

For bank guarantee/reverse mortgage advice, please contact us.

Migration Law

Appointment and consultation fees

Migration Agent
$200 per hour

Fee estimates

Employer nominated visa (permanent) (186,187)

Skilled Independent visa (permanent) (189, 190)

Employer sponsored visa (temporary) (457)
$1,800 per section

Skilled Graduate visa (temporary) (485)

Partner visa

Fiancé visa

Parent visa

Student visa
$1,250 – $2,500

Visitor visa
from $650

Business/Investor visa

Administrative Appeals Tribunal
$8,000 – $13,000

Ministerial intervention
$8,000 – $13,000

All other visa applications, special submissions e.g. responses to invitations to comment, PIC 4020
estimates available upon request

*All fees and fee estimates are exclusive of GST and disbursements.

*Our fee estimates are indicative only and are dependent on the complexity of the matter and estimated time it would take to assist with the matter. Discounts may apply where our firm has assisted the client with previous visa applications or where we consider the matter is of low complexity.

*The above fees cover our firm’s professional fees only. There may be additional fees payable, including but not limited to, government lodgement fees, health, police certificate and skill assessment fees. These fee estimates are for standard applications only. Where your circumstances are more complex or fall outside the standard scope of our services we will provide you with a customised estimate of our fees.

Please note that our fixed fees do not include disbursements. Typical disbursements incurred in a matter can include the following:

(a) Costs and fees associated with searches of relevant statutory or other databases;

(b) Photocopying, printing, binding, search and registration fees; and

(c) Couriers, travel and subsistence.

Fee Estimates for Non-Fixed Fee Matters

For matters which are not on a fixed fee basis, we offer an initial consultation at our office, at our cost.  During the initial consultation, we seek to receive and understand the background to your matter, the issues at hand, your goals and the work involved in addressing those issues and meeting your goals.  We would then provide you with a fee estimate for moving forward, based on the hourly rates of the members of the legal team who would be working on your matter.

We allocate work to appropriate persons within our firm, based on the complexity of the task at hand.  That way, we strive to be and are able to be as cost effective as possible for our clients.